Open Space Arts

Summer Playwright's Festival 2016 - "Topsy Turvy"
Produced by Ava Weintzweig and Delaney Hagy

  • Little Red and the Quest with Many Sons by Lindsay Carpenter, Directed by Ava Weintzweig
  • Memento Murray by Christopher Lockheardt, Directed by Delaney Hagy
  • The Tunnel by Katie Ganem, Directedby Nat Saroff
  • The Beautiful Ogre and Other Fairy Tales by Dwayne Yance, Directed by Angela Wright
  • Janet, Norman, and the Monster by Matt Hanf, Directed by Alex Wynd
  • Around and Back by Phi Kurtze, Directed by Elora Maisenhelder
  • A Dog Dreams by Jeffrey Fischer-Smith, Directed by Eric Boelsche