Open Space Arts

Summer Playwright's Festival 2015 - "Heroes and Legends"
Produced by Claire Ganem

  • Amazing Anna by Katie Ganem, Directed by Claire Ganem
  • Dakota by Jack Dyville, Directed by Will Dalrymple
  • Do it for the Vine by Amy Ranker, Directed by Emma Dunbar
  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow by Ron Frankel, Directed by Claire Ganem
  • Storms, Sheets, and Show Tunes by Stacey Lane, Directed by Laney Davis
  • The Magnificent Malware by Thomas J. Mascura, Directed by Elora Maisenhelder
  • Ed the Ultimate and Bob the Invincible: Earth's Last Inhabitants by Matthew Konkel, Directed by Ava Weintzweig