Open Space Arts

Summer Playwright's Festival 2011 - "Found Objects"
Produced by Katie Ganem and Phi Kurtze

  • The Elephant in the Room by Phi Kurtze, Directed by Katie Smith
  • Tuscaloosa Confidential by Jill Montone, Directed by Katie Ganem
  • The Dream and the Dragon by Will Dalrymple, Directed by Alec Weinberg
  • The Troupe by Katie Ganem, Directed by Lauren Rudin
  • Old Goldilocks and the Two Bears by Susan Middaugh, Directed by Katie Smith
  • A Guide for the Care and Use of Genies by Lauren Rudin, Directed by Rena Brault
  • The Truth is Spiders by Brett Englar, Directed by Katie Ganem