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Next Up at OSA...

Emmet Awards:

Join us June 2nd, 7pm for our annual class showcase, the Emmet Awards!

Variety Show:

June 8th, 7pm, Revel in the many talents of our majestic company!

Swing Night!

June 22nd, Come dance with us under the stars!

Summer Playwrights Fest:

First Two Weekends in august, Join us for a festival of short plays, more information here!

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What's New?

(Updated May 19th, 2019)

Emmet Awards

June 2nd, join us for our annual class showcase, the Emmet Awards! Enjoy a night of improv and acting, all from our company's wonderful classes!

Variety Show

June 8th, see an extravaganza of unique talent from our company! Monologues? Improv Scenes? Music? Other Talents that I cant think of right now? Yes! All that and perhaps more! This June 8th at 7pm!

Swing Night

Come dance under the stars with us this June 22nd at 7pm! Experienced dancers, and two left feet haver's alike, all welcome! 

Summer Playwright's Festival ​

This summer's show's are the first two weekends in August! More information here

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